Practical information

The key to your room will be handed out at your arrival and we kindly ask that you hand it in on the day of departure before the classes start. Loss of key = a 300 DKK. Fine.

Wake up. There is no common wake up call in the morning. Students are kindly asked to bring their own alarm clocks.
Please do not shut off the bed vibrator as it functions as a fire alarm.

The kiosk´s opening hours are written on the sign to the kiosk.

Spare time. Internet pc´s in „klasse3”.
Internet hotspots are almost anywhere, - most rooms and classrooms. The hotspots can be used using your personal laptops with wireless set-up.

The solarium is 20 DKK. Special tokens for the solarium can be purchased in the kiosk.

Clothes can be washed at the school´s laundramat. Tokens are 15 DKK and can be purchased in the kiosk. The price includes detergent and tumble drying.

Beverages. You are not allowed to bring beverages.
The are vending-machines containing beer and soda. These machines accept all Danish coins except for 50-øre coins. The exchange machine accepts all Danish Kroner-bills + 20 and 5. coins.
Credit cards are not accepted!

Smoking: Smoking is not allowed in the rooms.

All meals will take place at hostel (deaf highshool and educational).
Please follow the times for meals strictly, as this makes life easier for our employees in the kitchen.

Airport or railway train – Urlev bus
will certainly be at disposal for all who declare need for this service. Detailed confirmation will follow at once when all participants’ inbound flight details got to be reported to us.

Driving directions.

From Vejle:
Drive towards Horsens along the E3. In the Juelsminde crossing, turn right towards Juelsminde. Just after the town Daugård turn left towards Ørum. In Ørum town turn left where the sign says Castberggård. Towards the exit of Ørum just after a high hedge, you turn right towards Urlev. After approx. 4 kilometres you should end up at the church, which we are situated right next to.

From Horsens:
Drive towards Juelsminde along Bjerrevej. In Bjerre town almost at the exit you turn right towards Bråskov. At the end of Bråskov you turn right towards Urlev. Watch out through the forrest! There are lots of turns. We will be the first building you encounter in Urlev.

Motor way exit near Hedensted:
Drive towards Hedensted. At the roundabout just after the bridge turn left at the traffic light and then to the right just after. Continue straight ahead to a car junk yard and left. Follow that road to Urlev – we are next to the church.