15. Maj 2007

Dear Nordic-Baltic Member and other orienteers member countries

According to the final entry forms I inform you 84 persons from 14 countries (39 men,
24 women and 11 officials) will participate in the Open Nordic-Baltic Deaf Orienteering Championships in Horsens.

22 persons from 5 countries (11 men, 7 women and 4 officials) will participate in the Open
Nordic-Baltic Junior Deaf orienteering Championships in Horsens.

18 persons from 8 countries (11 men and 7 women) will participate in the Open Nordic-Baltic
Masters Deaf Orienteering in Horsens. Sorry, it is cancelled for Women 50 because of few participate, so instead of Women 40.

Participating countries: The following Deaf Sport Association have confirmed their participation in the Open NBDOC in Horsens: DEN, EST, FIN, LAT, LTU, NOR, SWE, AUT, GB, HOL, ISR, ITA, RUS, SUI, UKR, USA. Total: 16 nations.

Registration by name: The registration by name must be send back to the Danish Deaf Sports Association until 6 June 2007.

The meeting TD-Orienteering: On Thursday, 21 June 2007 o´clock 08.00 PM at officials meeting to NBDOC.
On Friday 22 June 2007 o´clock 07.30 PM at technical meeting about deaf orienteers in future.

You can read and follow more enclose with announcement form “A” and “B”, programme, competitions and practical information

Marek Mir-Mackiewicz
Danish Deaf Sports Association