4th European Orienteering Championship
in Szentendre, Hungary
5-9 september 2000

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Monday, 04.09.2000 08.00 pm Arrival of the participants in the afternoon
Technical Meeting in Danubius Hotel, Szentendre
Tuesday, 05.09.2000 10.00 am
04.00 pm
07.00 pm
Training near Szentendre
Technical Meeting in the Danubus Hotel, Szentendre
Opening Ceremony at the Town hall in Szentendre
Wednesday, 06.09.2000 10.00 am

04.00 pm

Individual competition - long distance - in Lajosforrás
Women: 6.000 m
Men:    11.000 m
Technical Meeting - Only draw for short distance

Thursday, 07.09.2000 Free day - Training - Excursion of Budapest
Friday, 08.09.2000 10.00 am

02.00 pm

07.00 pm
Individual competition - short distance, qualification race - in Lajosforrás
Women: 2.900 m
Men:      3.800 m
Individual competition - short distance, final race - in Lajosforrás
Women: 2.900 m
Men:      3.800 m
Technical Meeting with election of the Technical Delegate in the Danubius Hotel, Szentendre
Saturday, 09.09.2000 10.00 am

04.00 pm
08.00 pm

Relay competitions - Team classification in Lajosforrás
Women: 3 x 3.700 m
Men:      3 x 6.000 m
Closing ceremony at the Danubius Hotell with medal awards
Banquet in the Danubius Hotel, Szentendre

Sunday, 10.09.2000 Departure of the participants

MEETING POINTS Every day in the Danubius Hotel, Szentendre - Restaurant - Meetings - Office - Entertainers - Press Room etc.

Date: 28th June 2000

Information about the place of the event and the hotel.

In approximately in 2 months Hungary will play host to the 4th European Orienteering Championships and will be for 5 days the centre of Deaf sports in Europe. The orienteering EC i Hungary will be one of largest events in 2000. We are very proud of the new set record regarding the number of participation nations / up to date 15 countries sent their preliminary registrations/.
As know the 4th Orienteering EC will take place near Szentendre around "Lajosforrás". Click to map.

Szentendre-located only a few kilometres from the capital of Hungary-has its special mediterran atmosphere that attracts visitors for centuries.
"...This little town is situated on the right side of the Danube between Buda, Visegrád and Esztergom. Wonderfuld region! Before the small town the small town the Little-Danube flows in front of our eyes there is an island scattered with fertile villages beyond this the Big-Danube flows, there are the ruins of a Roman stone bridge. Behind and on the left of the town there are vineyards and beautiful hills... And that nice valley, Szentendre, between Pomáz and Buda is like a huge amphitheatre... Amazing landscape, wealth, pleasant wine, excellent water..."

Please look at the following hotel and accomodations.

Hotel Danubius

It lies along main road No.11.on the bank of the Danube, only 10 minutes walk from the town centre. It is a 3ä hotel with a restaurant too.
There are comfortabla 48 double modern rooms with private shower and toilet, restaurant, skittles, grill terrace, brasserie.

Pap Island Camping

It is situated on a small island, very close to the old town Szentendre. The island is very quiet, there are big trees, the air is very clean. It is encosed by the Danube it can be reached by a wood bridge.

If you have interest about Orienteering EC in Szentendre, you can contact to Hungarian Deaf Sport Association, H-1068 Budapest, Benczúr u. 21.  Fax: 00-36-1-342-1989.

We are looking forward to meeting you in Szententre on the EC!!!

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