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USOF Sanctioned Class A Event
in Ocala National Park, Florida
February 24-26, 2006

  February 24  2006     February 25  2006  Standard Courses   February 26  2006   Long Courses

Sprint: 2.9 km  12 controls

Orange Course =   3.5 km  20m  7 controls Orange Course =   5.3 km   0 m   12 controls
Men: Arturs Intsons    19,59 Men: Mark Mace 116:20 Men: Mark Mace 171:55
  Billy Allaband   28:25 Women: Patti Miller 103:51      
  Mark Mace 35:23      

Green Y: 6.4 km  0 m  14 controls 


Green:   4.3 km  20 m  10 controls

Women: Missy Kaler 120:41
Women: Missy Kaler 33:01 Women: Missy Kaler 86:05   Patti Miller DNF
  Patti Miller DNF            

Red:   5.6 km  37 m  15 controls

Red:   10.0 km  0 m  14 controls

      Men: Arturs Intsons    44:25 Men: Arturs Intsons    75:59
        Billy Allaband   61:06   Billy Allaband   132:58

US Deaf Championships Orienteering
Fair Hill in Maryland, November 12th - 13th2005

News from USA!   First time deaf championships orienteering arrange their own deaf competition. Billy Allaband writes:
We had blast times at Fair Hill in Maryland, USA for US O-Long Championship.  They already had over 350 orienteers. 5 of them are just deaf orienteers. 
You can look at the website under It's good start for deaf group. Saturday (Nov 12) Missy Kaler got 2nd place and Patti got 3rd place in women catalog.  In men, unfortunately we were not in top 3 in any courses. We had good times. Next event will be in Florida on Feb 24-26. Hope we get more and more in the future. I think about starting to play in red courses next year.

The results:

  November 12th 2005   Standard courses     November 13th 2005   O-Long courses
Orange Course =   4,1 km    85m (climb)  8 controls Orange Course =   5,4 km    185m (climb)  11 controls
Men: Mark Mace 103,14 Men: Mark Mace 131,41
Women: Missy Kaler   69,40 Women: Missy Kaler   94,33
  Patti Miller   76,43   Patti Miller   DNF
Green X Course =  5,1 km  90m (climb)  13 controls Green X Course =  9,1 km  305m (climb)  14 controls
Men: Artur Instons 51,40 Men: Artur Instons   96,14
  Billy Allaband 87,11   Billy Allaband 114,48


Picture of US Deaf Championships

Billy Allaband

Missy Kaler

Arturs and Missy

Deaf O-group

They had an deaf orienteering together for our pleasure. It's just 8 of us together at Daniel Boone Park in Pennsylvania
Last May 2005.  

E-newsletter - April 11, 2005 from USA Deaf Sports Federation:

About Deaf Orienteering Group Being Organized click here:


Florida School for the Deaf and the Blind is situated in the city St. Augustine.
Simona from Denmark and Calle from Sweden visited at the school and told about Deaflympics Orienteering in Melbourne.
Mike Stultz as responsible, assisted by Artur Intson from Latvia, organized this event. The pupils got information/lessons about orienteering
and practiced running in the area by the school. And the interess was wery positive.
Now the aim is to participate in World Championships and Deaflympics. Thatīs what they have to work on from now...

Foto: Simona and Calle

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