Updated: 12.11.2005

Deaf orienteering competitions in Soesterberg , 
30th October 2005
News from Netherlands!   First time deaf orienteering arrange their own deaf competition. Ton Vlasveld writes:
I want that you know that I orienteering match for deaf people have organised. But those people had just for the first time orienteering.
more than fifty persons have come and they knew nothing concerning orienteering. I had explain it to everyone what is orienteering and how it works. You can see it, however, on the photograph. It was really fun and a successful day. You can see the result but you must take into account that not awful well is because they did it for the first time.





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Ton Vlasveld - deaf orienteering in Netherlands

He participated in European Deaf Championships in Latvia in 2004.
Also he participated in International Deaf Orienteering for Døvania 100 years jubilee in 2004.

He invited two o-runners Marianne Poulsen from Denmark and Arvid Stoyva from Norway to participate
in Holland 3-days at easter 2005.


For a look click below.


Picture of Holland 3-days

Marianne, Ton,Arvid and Tonīs son

Tonīs son, Ton and Arvid


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