Orienteering WGD 1997 in Denmark


Short distance 16th July
Lystrup forrest

Classic distance 18th July
Gribskov Mårum

Relay 20th July
Gribskov Syd

Orienteering 2001  in Italy
Monte Livata (Rome)



Short distance 25 & 26th July

Classic distance 28th July

Relay 30th July

Deaflympics 2005
Orienteering in Australia
Ballarat  (Melbourne)


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   Sprint Women: Chekhunova Maryna UKR


Sprint Men: Kuzminskis Tomas LTU

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Long distance: Lavryk Tetyana UKR

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Long distance: Kuzminskis Tomas LTU


Relay: MEN

Results:  Unofficial

Newspapers about Deaflympics Orienteering
Picture o-running in Ballarat

Deaflympics 2009
Orienteering in Taipei


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